Drymax Cycle Crew

The role in cycle socks is not only comfort but also cold protection. When climbing uphill, the speed is reduced and the amount of sweating increases, so it is necessary to drain the moisture at the feet and keep the socks comfortably for a long time, and when it goes down, the speed is increased and the toe is the breeze. It is also important to protect the cold of your feet. The Drymax Cycle Socks consists of a two -layer structure: the Drymax layer on the contact side and the layer that excretes moisture outwards in order to highly satisfy the contradictory business. The moisture under the feet is immediately discharged to the external layer through the internal Drymax layer. In addition, it is a cycle sock that uses flat weaving fibers with a higher dense fiber than other models, is cool under high temperature conditions, keeps warm under low temperature conditions, and has excellent comfort.

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