Matador Pocket Blanket 3.0 (Matador Pocket Blanket 3.0)

If you have a pocket blanket 3.0, you can always sit in a clean and dry place. This highly waterproof ground cover, which has a lightweight nylon, is designed so that you can keep your dry state wherever you sit down, such as wet grass. Peged the built -in stake to fix the blanket. Fold it according to the stitched guide and store it compactly in the attached pouch. Ideal for 2-4 people. Spec: ● Weight 100g Size: 160 × 110cm (11.4 × 6.6 × 2.8cm at storage) Materials: NYLON with Waterproof Pu Coating, PowerMesh External Storage Bag, Ultralight GROUND WITHECHT WITHECHT WITHECHT some

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