Buff Coolnet UV+(Buff Cool Net UV+)

Multi headwear with excellent functionality and fashion. It can be used in various activities from outdoor to everyday lifestyles, such as running, jumping, hiking, hiking, fishing, paddling and camping. Arrangement is free. Size: 22.3x53cm Weight: 37g Material: RecycleD Polyester 95%, 5%polyurethane Country of origin: Spain Others: UPF 50 With UV cut function. Leitat certified UPF> 50 (98 % UV cut). * The effect may be reduced due to water or aging. Heiq Cooling Technology Heiq Smart Temp The processed fabric tends to adjust the body temperature by the heat of the body. RecycleD Polyester Only the recycled PET bottle, Repreve? Approved polyester microfiber is used. Ultralight Very light and convenient for mobile phones. 4 Way Stretch Excellent elasticity in all directions, high fit and very comfortable. Dries Quickly Eliminate sweat and moisture to evaporate moisture effectively and quickly. Polygiene High antibacterial technology using natural silver salt prevents bacteria proliferation and odor. 100% Seamless It is a completely seamless and seamless product that pursued the texture. MultiFunctional It is a multifunctional product that can be used in various ways with one Buff? Cooling Effect We maintain low skin temperature due to excellent breathability, humidity control, and quick -drying properties. Skin Cancer Foundation We support NPOs SKIN CANCER FOUNDATION to prevent sunburn every day, recommend early detection and treatment of skin cancer. This NPO has certified sunburn prevention products that meet the standards of SKIN CANCER PHOTOBIOLOGY COMMITTE, and recommends and authenticate safe and effective products that prevent skin damage that causes skin cancer. 。 About buff? Buff is a multi -headware with excellent functionality and fashion, and an outdoor brand from Spain, which is used in 60 countries around the world. Buff? In 1992, it started in Iguarada about 60 km northwest of Barcelona, ​​Spain. Buff? JOAN ROJAS, a buffing founder who was participating in the auto -bai race, was the starting point of Buff? At the beginning, I went to sports enthusiasts, especially outdoor fans and ski instructors. After that, it was sold as a multifunctional headwear, and has expanded overseas in 1995. Currently, it has grown into a brand that is located in more than 20,000 stores in 70 countries around the world.

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