Chimera Everyday


Content 300g

CHIMERA EVERYDAY is a food for regulating the body's ability to utilize stored lipids as energy. CHIMERA EVERYDAY contains many nutrients necessary for those who enjoy endurance sports such as ultramarathons and trail running. The main ingredient is MCT (medium-chain fatty acids), which contains a good balance of minerals and other elements necessary for long-duration exercise and amino acids, which are depleted. One bag will last approximately one month. Please try it for a month first.

The two-piece set comes with free shipping, so you can save money on your subscription!

 Recommended for

✔ People who get hungry during exercise
✔ Have trouble accepting supplemental food
✔ Have ever run out of energy
✔ Become drowsy during exercise
✔ Feel sick inside
✔ Food for action is heavy and stiff in the shoulders
✔ Difficulty gaining weight and losing weight

■How to use Add to your favorite beverage or food.
■Precautions ・When using the product for the first time, gradually increase the amount used with 1 tablespoon (approx. 10g) as a general guideline.

Eating the powder directly or consuming too much at one time may cause loose bowels.
Do not put the powder in polystyrene containers such as those used for instant noodles. Do not put the powder in polystyrene containers such as those used for instant noodles.
After opening the package, close the zipper and consume as soon as possible.
Do not store in a refrigerator.

For more information on product usage and FAT ADAPTATION, please contact us atSTRIDE LAB BLOGfor more information on the use and FAT ADAPTATION of our products.
FAT ADAPTATION Mountain Supply Study
FAT ADAPTATION Getting Started and Benefits

Nutrition Facts (per 10g)
Energy 70.5kcal / Protein 0.78g / Fat 6.43g / Carbohydrate 2.37g / Salt equivalent 0.128g
Medium-chain fatty acids 5.71g


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