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For adventure to nature

APEX 2, APEX 2 Pro GPS Outdoor Watch is designed with harsh conditions and tough terrain in mind, and is made with innovative technology to achieve the most ambitious goals.

APEX 2 and APEX 2 Pro have a sturdy body, improved GPS antenna technology, evolved navigation function, next -generation optical heart rate sensor, about 1.8 times the battery life, and moves people in nature. This is the most powerful item that records on your wrist and supports training. Training can continue for a long time.

Challenge the limits of adventure

The ultimate outdoor sports watch has both durability and functionality. In order to make this balance optimal, we are careful about the details of the details. APEX 2 and APEX 2 Pro will become the strongest partner and stay close to you for a long time.

Rurable design

APEX 2 and APEX 2 Pro protect important electronic components inside with sapphire glass screens and grade 5 titanium alloys. A new bezel with a sapphire glass screen that is hard to be damaged and a PVD coating, achieves twice as much scratch resistance than the previous model.

For severe environmental temperature

APEX 2 and APEX 2 Pro can operate in an environment of -20 ° C to 50 ° C (-4 ° F to 122 ° F), and support any weather and adventure in any place.

5ATM waterproof

APEX 2 and APEX 2 Pro do not impair any functions even if rain, snow, muddy water, etc. are applied. With 5ATM waterproof, it can withstand water pressure up to 50m in depth.

Easy -to -use dial

COROS's proprietary digital dial is very easy to operate, so you can operate the watch while wearing gloves and check the data immediately.

Battery that continues to evolve

The latest satellite signal system design has been reduced in power consumption, achieving a GPS battery life of about 1.8 times compared to the previous model. APEX 2 can drive a full GPS battery of 45 hours and APEX 2 Pro for 75 hours.

Navigate without worrying about outdoors

The APEX 2 series can be used in various scenes, from trail adventures in Urayama to climbing the glacier mountains. With an excellent navigation function, you can accurately grasp the route that returns to the start, as well as the current location in the wilderness.

High -precision GPS

APEX 2 receives accurate data by adding all satellite GNSS chips to an antenna technology that has increased by 50 %. In addition, APEX 2 Pro is equipped with the latest two -frequency technology, and can be tracked in high buildings, deep mountains, and most difficult to receive, such as the rock wall.

Navigation that doesn't get lost

Use a global offline topographic map that can be downloaded for free and a contour map (TOPO MAP) allows you to access important navigation information in a distant place. The digital dial of COROS APEX 2 and APEX 2 Pro facilitates and reduces maps, and can drag maps with fingers on the touch screen. The following functions are also installed for outdoor life without stress and to maintain concentration.

  • elevation
    You can grasp the height difference between the course before the activity.
  • -Checkpoint
    Important places, such as water, aid station, and gear placed, can be navigated in advance.
  • Time until Hiji sunset
    You can plan, such as moving before it gets dark, applying sunscreen before the sun hits.
  • Distance to the destination
    Understanding the following checkpoints and the distance to the final destination will lead to further motivation and safer and more secure mountains.
  • Accurate GPS coordinates
    You can display the current location, pressure, and estimated altitude on GPS.
  • Withdrawal alert
    You can return to the original course with the alert notification when you come off the route.

Plan the following adventure

A new route planning function will be added to the COROS app. Just opening the app and creating the route you want to challenge allows the route planner to select the optimal route based on the closest trails and roads. You can check the distance and altitude, save, transfer to COROS watches, or share with friends. The COROS ecosystem is compatible with popular third -partys such as Strava and Komoot.

To enjoy safely

Beautiful nature also has risks. These are all things that can occur when you adventure in nature, such as stormy weather, altitude disease, darkness, and dehydration symptoms. APEX 2 and APEX 2 Pro correspond to all situations and safely support your goals.

  • Sunrise/sunrise
  • Supply alert
  • Storm alert
  • Night mode
  • Altitude mode
  • Camera control

To the best self in fitness

APEX 2 and APEX 2 Pro will evolve yourself and support the achievement of self -new records in combination with the COROS EVOLAB Sports Science System. Training solutions, supported by the world's highest athletes, will support the creation of physical strength at home and gyms, and will be ready to move in the wilderness.

The highest level of optical heart rate sensor

The higher the accuracy of the heart rate data, the better the better training method. The newly developed optical heart rate sensor achieves a new level of heart rate accuracy of APEX 2 and APEX 2 Pro with advanced signal noise removal algorithms. When traveling quickly between the gorge, when you recover in a tent, the new APEX 2 series records your performance without missing your heart rate.

Recovery tracking

Training requires recovery. APEX 2 and APEX 2 Pro tracks deep sleep, light sleep, and REM sleep, which are important stages of sleep cycles, and monitors the quality of sleep. When you wake up, quickly measure your heart rate (HRV) and guess how much stress and fatigue on the day are. When training in highlands, turn on the altitude mode to manually check the blood oxygen concentration (SPO2) and evaluate the adaptability of the body.

Overwhelming training solution

Coros Evolab and Coros Training Hub have supported many records since the announcement. Elliud Kipchogoge's new marathon world record, Killian Gione's UTMB course new record. And, 24 hours a day, we have achieved countless ultra running records, such as 100 miles. You can use APEX 2 and APEX 2 Pro to access world -level training in sites like professional athletes.

  • Race prediction
    You can estimate how much pace you can run in the race and plan your target pace accordingly.
  • Training load
    Know the training load in the past week and check if it is in the recommended zone.
  • Recovery timer
    You can check the time required to fully recover and the time required to start a simple training or hard training.
  • Training status
    You can check the degree of fatigue and fitness about your physical response to recent training.
  • Adjustment pace
    Running in a lot of slopes manages accurate adjustment pace and realizes smart training and racing.
  • Training focus
    It summarizes the main improvements of running based on the load and strength of training.

Create systematic workouts and training plans

By creating a training plan, you can perform training more efficiently and check the sustainable effects. You can get a workout and training plan acknowledged by the athlete, and you can also create your own training plan with your smartphone or computer. The coach can distribute the plan directly to the members through Coros Training Hub, and you can check it as soon as it is synchronized with the watch.

APEX 2 vs APEX 2 Pro

APEX 2 and APEX 2 Pro have many similar specs, but have the following differences.

  • COROS APEX 2 lasts for 45 hours in a 1.2 -inch screen and full GPS mode.
  • The COROS APEX 2 Pro lasts for 75 hours in a 1.3 -inch screen and full GPS mode. It has a larger screen, a two -frequency tip that enhances accuracy in addition to longer operating hours.


Apex 2 Apex 2 Pro
price 57,860 yen 73,700 yen
1.2 inch 240x240
(64 colors)
1.3 inch 260 x 260
(64 colors)
Kind of type
Touch panel method Slow Memory LCD Touch panel method Slow Memory LCD
Screen material Sapphire glass Sapphire glass
Bezel material Grade 5 titanium alloy PVD coating Grade 5 titanium alloy PVD coating
Cover material Titanium alloy Titanium alloy
Strap material Silicon/nylon Silicon/nylon
Bandwidth 20mm 22mm
size 43.0 x 42.8 x 12.8mm 46.1 x 46.5 x 14mm
Weight (when nylon band is installed) 42g 53g
Weight (when silicon band is installed) 53g 66g
Mobile phone connection Bluetooth Bluetooth
Accessory connection Bluetooth Bluetooth
Waterproof performance 5ATM (50 meters/164 feet) 5ATM (50 meters/164 feet)
Operating temperature -20 ° C to 50 ° C -20 ° C to 50 ° C
Storage temperature -20 ° C to 60 ° C -20 ° C to 60 ° C
charging time Less than 2 hours Less than 2 hours
Standard full GPS (GPS/QZSS) 45 hours 75 hours
All systems on (GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou, QZSS) 30 hours 45 hours
All systems + bilateral on -on (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou, QZSS) N/A 26 hours
Daily use 17 days 30 days
GNSS compatible
24 hours 365 days HR monitoring
Optical heart rate meter
Attacher altitude
Acceleration sensor
Gyro sensor
Recovery time
Interval, triathlon, multi -sports training
Swimming care rate
Sleep monitoring
Telephone notification function
Cooperation with third party (Strava, TrainingPeaks, etc.)
Thick gloves compatible
Systematized workout and training program
Phone notification during training
Body thermometer compatible (Core)
Backlight is always lighting mode
Camera control
Virtual run
Sapphire glass
Trajectory display
Back to start navigation
Blood oxygen concentration monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Optical pulse oxide monitor
Exclusive backlight button
Touch screen mode
Altitude measurement mode
Ultimate durability
World landscape map layer
Wide -area terrain layer
Hybrid map layer
Backlight button shortcut
All satellite compatible 2 frequency GNSS chipset  
ECG sensor
HRV index

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