ALTRA Altra Youth Lawn Peak Kids


Altra's most popular trail shoes "Lone Peak" released the long -awaited kids

"Youth Lonepeak" is made so that you can wear shoes without breaking the shape of the children's feet and run around the soil, sand, and mud. Altra, of course, hopes that "parents who are thinking about the growth of children's feet" will grow normally while maintaining the shape and functions of children during the growth period. Although it is a loan peak, it is a kids' unique device, such as reducing cushions for weight or softening the outsole (soles) so as not to hinder the movement of the child's feet. Although it is different from the feeling when you wear it, it is designed so that children can feel the same comfort as adult loan peaks.

The youth loan peak is not only fulfilled by the wish, but also has a removable insole, so it can cope with changes in children whose feet grow remarkably, so it is a 1cm increment. Of course, even if the insole is removed, the comfort as if the insole is inserted is the same. You can enjoy it comfortably and long with one pair.

It is a pair that fulfills such wishes to wear loan peaks together with parents and children.


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