XEROSHOES Zero Shoes HFS Men's

$71 $101

A pair of the whole body that has improved the best -selling PRIO in the United States for more running.

A clear evolution, such as the newly developed sole pattern and the new material 37.5® adoption to keep the temperature inside the shoes, will enhance the running life. Natural running shoes flat sole that allows you to fully enjoy your bare feet, it is a series that supports multi -roding as well as gym training, fitness, walk and walking.

About the size ....
It is recommended that you choose a display size 1cm larger than the actual dimension of your feet. Since there is no discarded dimension, the shoes are almost the same as the size.
(If the shoes are M10 (28cm), the insole is almost 28cm)
For example, if the actual size of the foot is 27cm, choosing 28cm (US10) for the shoes will allow your toes to afford.

Heavy (one foot)/192g (27.0cm)
Color / brack (B l K) size
(Men) /m6.5 (24.5cm) ~ M10.5 (28.5cm) 0.5cm chopped
Sole thick: 5.5mm


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