Xeroshoes Aqua X Sport Mens (Zero Shoes Aqua X Sports Men)


From the outleasure to various activities of cross country

As a new category of Xeroshoes from 2021 Water shoesAppearance.
The sea, river, lake, · · · It is now possible to jump out with the sense of openness of the water shoes in the water field that can not be detached from the outdoor reger. You should be able to feel the field of water more than ever.
Hybrid shoes that fused water shoes and trail shoes. It is characterized by adopting water-free upper material and it becomes heavy even if it goes up from water.

About size ....
It is recommended to select it with a 1 cm larger display size than the actual size of the foot. Since no dumping size is provided, the shoes will be the same as near the size.
(If the shoe is M10 (28 cm), the insole is almost 28 cm)
For example, if the actual size of the foot is his 27cm, shoes can afford to a toe by choosing 28cm (US 10).

· Removable 2mm Insole
Sole thickness: 8.5 mm (base 5 mm + lag 3.5 mm)
· Weight (one foot) / 204 g (27.0 cm)
Size (Men's) /M7.0 (25.0 cm) to M11 (29.0 cm) 0.5 cm (1)

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