UltrAspire Ultraspire Lumens 600 4.0


The Lumen 600 4.0 expands on the functionality and versatility of its best-selling predecessor, the Lumen 600 3.0. Equipped with patented UltraAspire 3D lighting®, it casts shadows on uneven roads to help you see the terrain.

The wide flood cone provides a steady beam of 600 lumens for the most natural riding experience. Comes with a removable pocket. This light features a buckle system that allows for easy buckle removal and an elastic belt that provides a snug fit and a more comfortable, natural breathing pattern. It is equipped with a battery indicator light that lights up in green, gold, and red to indicate the power level.

It comes with one UltrAspire rechargeable 18650 battery and features a USB Type-C charging port for significantly faster charging. A USB Type-C charging cable is included.

Irradiation time: 4-10h
Weight: 110g
Size: 66cm-96cm

●Large power button
Easy to operate even under extreme conditions and when tired. Press the button to switch between the 4 modes of the lamp.

●Wide beam
It's daylight-like lighting. Allows the eyes to move freely without adjusting the light and dark areas. Uniform lighting eliminates headaches and tunnel vision.

●USB-C charging port
Turn the side with the indicator light to find the charging port, the light will glow red when the battery is charging and turn green when charging is complete.

●Battery port
Loosen the waterproof cap to add or remove batteries.
Be sure to check that there is a rubber gasket.
Be sure to insert from the + side with the protrusion.

●Perfect angle adjustment
Easily adjust upwards, horizontally or downwards to illuminate your path to suit the terrain while keeping your head and body in a natural running position.

● Removable pocket
You can adjust the storage capacity by sliding the pocket onto the belt or removing it. This large pocket is perfect for storing extra batteries, cell phones, and other essentials.

● Lace fit
The conical shape, anti-fatigue buckle, and elastic material with limited stretch provide a tight, secure fit. This promotes healthy, natural breathing patterns.

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