Travel Purcassive Training Device that enables self -conditioning anywhere Going out and expeditions, and on travel. Portable type THERAGUN MINI (Ceragan Mini) is compact but powerful and offers a tapping approach of THERAGUN quality anytime, anywhere. The recovery device, which can be carried at about 600g, uses a QX35 motor equipped with QUIETFORCE technology to achieve a quiet sound. You can select a three -stage speed (1750, 2100, and 2400 percussion/minute). The device THERAGUN MINI, designed in consideration of portability, has an excellent battery life, and can execute up to 150 minutes with a 12V built -in lithium -ion battery. 3 steps speed (1750, 2100, 2400 times per minute) Swing width 12mm Pressure about 9kg Continuous movable replacement built -in lithium -ion battery (150 minutes) Unique brushless motor with motor Quietforce Technology ™ No Bluetooth connection attachment Standard ball Pouch soft case Approximately 0.6kg ● Japan regular import source sales only target/1 year warranty ============================================== THERAGUN MINI 1 soft carrying case Power adapter Standard ball attachment ==============================================

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