Teton Bros.

Teton Bros. WS OZE JACKET WOMENS (for women)


Highly versatile full zip -specification shell jacket

A new -air waterproof material "Täsmä" using a 10D nylon knit backer derived from a plant -derived 10D nylon knit backer has been newly adopted. The functions needed during rainfall in spring and summer, where the temperature is relatively high, is an important factor for keeping the ventilation in the ware dry and breathable at the same time. The WS OZE Jacket, which uses "Täsmä", which combines completely waterproof and high breathability, is a mortiple Mountain Garment with high versatile full zip specifications.

Shoulder cutting (ROM)
With a unique draping that does not hinder the movement of the shoulder joint, the movement such as raising the arm is smooth. When the arm is raised, the hem of the wear body does not slip.

The position of the zipper that inherits the TB Jacket ventilation angle has a high ventilation efficiency without hindering opening and closing when wearing a backpack. A mesh structure pocket is placed inside the ventilation.

Food adjuster
Food structure compatible with Alpine helmets. With two eyelet stopper installed on the front, you can adjust the hood in the vertical and horizontal direction with one action. Regardless of whether or not a helmet wears, it fits the head to prevent the wind and rain from entering.

Hem adjuster
The hem width can be adjusted with the adjuster placed on the hem on both sides.

Enhance the fit with the velcro on the cuffs to prevent the entry of the wind and rain.

Full seam tape
Seam taping is applied to the back of the seam to maintain waterproofness.

weight:310g (size m)


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