Teton Bros.

Teton Bros. Teton Bros. Elevation 5" Hybrid Shorts Women's

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A hybrid shorts that uses windshell materials and can run comfortably on the mountains and roads. A lightweight and hardly stuck fabric is used on the back, and the original Durafabrick of Teton Bros. is used on the back so that you can enjoy the running scene in the mountains and towns. In order to achieve more smooth leg movements, change the shape of the crotch and the slit of the side forward. Reduce the stress when raising your feet as much as possible. The capacity of the mesh pocket on the side has increased, the back pocket has a zipper, and smartphones can be stored. It is a recommended shorts that can be used to respond to more active people by using endurance materials in places needed while considering light weight. As an example of wearing staff, S size was selected for 158cm tall (thin type). It is a small size and is worn from M size except for those who are quite thin or small. Womens S size 70g

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