Teton Bros.

Teton Bros. WP SLAX Unisex


Teton Bros. x stride lab
The original silhouette is also beautifulHighly versatile rain shell pants

Stride Lab & Sakaiya Sports Limited Model
Teton Bros.The Shin -Dori waterproof material "Täsmä" is adopted. It is an important factor for keeping the inner wear dry in the ware and breathability as well as the functional water resistance required during rainfall in spring and summer, where the temperature is relatively high. In addition, it is 100 % nylon and has excellent stretchability.

Mountain lion chic embroidery design for the design and special logo.The silhouette isIt is a high -perfection shell pants that ensures a sufficient operation range by draping with a three -dimensional cut, which is slightly tight and beautiful than BREATH PANT.

ROM (knee)
A draping of the knee that does not hinder the movement of the legs.

Full seam taping
Seam taping is applied to the back of the seam to maintain waterproofness.

Front zipper
Updated to the front zipper specification, it is smooth to put on and take off.

Belt loop
Same as the main unit with software100 % nylonBelt loop.

Hip pocket
Right pocket with a zipper with a capacity that can accommodate smartphones.

weight:149g (size m)


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