Teton Bros.

Teton Bros. Afton II Hoody Men's


High fit hard face fleece hoody

A hard -face hoody with a "Power Stretch" material with many fans that fits flexibly fits flexibly and a Polatec unique silicon coating. The medium -class thickness "Power Stretch" has exquisite heat retention, windproof and some water repellency by hard -facing. Due to the reduction of the friction coefficient of the surface, it does not get caught in conjunction with a tricot or knit backer shell compared to normal fleece.


Center zipper
The offset center zipper prevents interference with other layer zipers, reducing discomfort around the neck.

Hood specifications
A food that wraps the head completely. The front collar is raised to the nose and the front zipper is offset so that it does not hit the nose, so it can be used as a barrava.

3 pockets
There are three pockets. West pocket with zipper on both sides and pressed pocket with chest zipper.

Hem / sleeve specifications
Simple hem and cuffs using piping eliminate dowels when they are layered without impairing the fit.

Cuffs and thumb anchors that fit the shape of the hand.

Phalautical feeling
The hard face processed surface has windproof and water repellency, and smooth surface reduces friction with the shell.

Backfall feeling
Like other Power Stretch, it has a highly heat -retaining brushed processing.

material:Polartec Power Stretch /Hard face Finished
weight:370g (size m)


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