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Teton Bros. Teton Bros. Run Skirt Women's

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Is it a skirt? Are you shorts? ?

RUN SKIRT newly appeared from Teton Bros.Just as a skirt, the overall atmosphere changes drastically, but it was popular and sold out immediately because it was short.

I dared to make under shorts without changing the material and made it with the same material. There is a pocket on the back and the side of the under shorts. This is a proposal from Teton Bros. for women who do not want to forget the charming part.

Elastic belts with excellent elasticity and inner strings enhance the fit of the waist.

Offset slit
A long offset slit that does not hinder your feet when you run.

Drop tail
Drop tail specification that covers the hip part.

Inner pats
Long inner pats with the same material as the skirt. With pockets that can store smartphones on both sides.

Back zip pocket
A pocket of size that can also store wind shells.

material:Durable Softshell W Dry Action
weight:160g (size m)


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