Teton Bros.

Teton Bros. Teton Warmer Unisex

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Teton Bros. x stride lab
Original insulation jacket

Stride Lab & Sakaiya Sports Limited Model
Unlike Run with octa, OCTABy placing it on the front center of the back, not only runners but also hikers with low sweating maintain moderate heat retention while preventing overheating during exercise. In addition, the combination of 20D mechanical stretch nylon and OCTA, which has excellent breathability, maintains a dry and comfortable in -house environment during high exercise.

Eliminate the piping of the hood and refresh it, enhance the fit even without an adjusterIt also supports active movements such as running.

The impression of the design and the logo are chic only for the mountain lion.It is a product that is recommended all year round in activities that emphasize dynamic heat retention.

A material with excellent stretch and quick drying is used for the cuffs. It has a Sam -anchor firmly fits your wrist to prevent the outside air from entering.

Front zipper
Double zipper specification that can be opened and closed up and down. As a ventilation, it eliminates the difficulty of attaching and detaching while efficiently performing ventilation in the wear.

Hood specifications
Eliminates the piping of the hood and is refreshed, and even without an adjuster, it also enhances the fit and supports active movements such as running.

OCTA mapping/fabric feeling
Mapping OCTA from the front of the body and the front center of the back, from the shoulder to the top of the arm.
Keeps moderate heat retention while preventing overheating. The front fabric is a 20D mechanical stretch nylon with excellent breathability. The back fabric uses an OCTA with excellent dynamic heat retention with eight protrusions in hollow.

Hem adjuster
The adjuster in the center of the hem can enhance the fit.

Ventilation with pocket
Active as a ventilation with the center zipper. Packable specification that can store clothing in the inside mesh pocket.


Weight: 225G (size m)

Head office: Hoshi 169cm/57kg, S size wear
Stride's bespoke item of Run with octa. OCTA is also placed on the back (around the scapula) to increase heat retention. Lightweight compact, summer Alps, and tent nights are sure to be active.
I wore it during this year's UTMF, and I took a break slowly without getting cold on my back with Zack w
This is recommended for the cold!

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