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Simple and slender, new material graphene softshell soft shell pants

CRAG PANT is popular in the spring and summer season, but in response to many requests that the use period will be a little longer in winter, the same graphene as Glacier Hoody is incorporated with the silhouette and specifications. Changed to "Graphene Softshell" material. Each function, including the west functions that are easy to adjust, the gasset of the inseam, and the draping of the knee, inherits all of the previous CRAG PANTs.

The "graphene" newly adopted from this season is a carbon atom.In materialHigh strength,It is a very thin material because it is a substance that can be further established.Graphene has the property of conveying the heat very quickly, has a heat retention at low temperatures, and has a bactericido -and -deodorized effect in addition to the cooling effect at high temperatures.


The Womens model waist has a simple and well -fit code adjustment specification.

A thigh pocket and hip pocket designed in a place and shape that does not hinder the movement of the legs when walking.

A slope cut that does not hinder the movement of the knee joint, and a gentle tapered taper under the knee with high visibility at the feet.

Adopt Graphene Softshell. Excellent stretchability, also has a far -infrared effect of Graphene, thermal conductivity, and deodorant antibacterial.

material:Graphene Softshell
weight:375g (size m)


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