T8 T8 Sherpa Shorts 2 Men's


Popular shorts designed for running in comfort, even in hot and humid Asian climatesT8

Upgraded model V2 of the "Sherpa Shorts," shorts that combine performance and functionality, is now available. High quick-drying performance prevents problems during running. The stretchy, smooth, fine-textured fabric prevents problems with sweaty skin and clothing from rubbing against each other after long hours of activity.

In addition, sewing in areas that touch the skin is prevented as much as possible so that the seams do not directly touch the body and do not interfere with movement during exercise. Mesh pocket with excellent storage capacity The pockets are divided into four sections, one at the front and back of the waist, one on each side, and can hold a variety of gear, including smartphones, wallets, rations, and flasks. The strained mesh used in the pockets is extremely stretchable, so whether you put a large bottle or a small key in one of the pockets, it will fit the size of the bottle or key securely and stress-free. It is also possible to run without a bag.

The T8 shorts have become an instant favorite at STRIDE LAB Super lightweight and with outstanding storage capacity, they can be used in any active scene. Another popular T8 product that you should try is theT8 COMMANDO (inner) The fine fabric inner is quick-drying, even when sweating, and reduces the risk of "crotch slippage" during exercise. Also, the long length to the thigh prevents the edge of the shorts from hitting your thighs, making it an excellent match for SHERPA SHORTS. Please try this comfortable set-up.

Features〉 ・4WAY STRETCH ・Light weight of 75g (Women's M size) ・Big reflector for nighttime runs ・Durable water repellent coating (UPDATE point of V2)

Two color lineup: BLACK and BLUE ・Additional key ring on the right pocket ・Able to attach a number on the front

<Body: 80% nylon, 20% polyurethane Mesh: 68% nylon, 32% polyurethane

XS (waist 64.8cm)
S (waist 71.1cm)
S/M (waist 74.3cm)
M (waist 75.6cm)
L (Waist 83.5cm)
XL (waist 85.4cm)
<Size S/M fits true to size for height 178cm, weight 62kg, waist (below belly button) 78cm, thighs 48cm.


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