Stride Yubi Socks


Socks knitted with a mixture of merino wool and Japanese paper materials, with a special attention to detail.

Yubi Socksare made of a combination of merino wool and washi paper, and have high water absorption, quick-drying, and strength.Washi paperis a natural material with high antibacterial, deodorant, and quick-drying functions.Merino woolThese socks are made of a unique yarn made by twisting two different materials: merino wool, a natural material with high antibacterial, anti-odor, and quick-drying properties, and merino wool, a natural material with high antibacterial, anti-odor, and quick-drying properties.

No seams are used in the manufacturing process.WHOLEGARMENT®️The entire garment is knitted three-dimensionally, creating a seamless and absorbent fit. In addition, since there is no cutting of the fabric, there is no waste of material, which is also friendly to nature and leads to eco-friendly production activities.
Some of the characteristics of washi includeHigh water absorbency, quick-drying and strengthare materials that have been attracting attention in recent years as socks. In the past, there were few products that could be given a passing grade for comfort because of the stiffness of the stand-alone material.However, by blending merino wool with this material, we have succeeded in creating softness and a comfortable fit.

Both of these socks are produced in Japan with enhanced comfort that cannot be achieved with only one of the materials.

Tabi (tabi)-type structure We have made repeated improvements to address the differences in comfort created by differences in finger length, and have achieved a fabric elongation rate and finger crotch length that fits most people. The tabi shape allows the thumb to be open, which makes it easier to transmit power to the sole of the foot and comfortably draws out the power of the fingers even when wearing socks.

Renewal points from conventional YUBI SOCKS The thumb portion has been strengthened ・Improved overall fitting.

Material Merino Wool 48% Japanese Paper 21% Polyester 29% Polyurethane 2% Polyurethane
Size (based on actual size) S: 22cm~24cm M: 24cm~26cm L: 26.5cm~28.5cm XL: 29.0cm~31.0cm



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