Stride Mocca


MOCCA was born as a result of pursuing the extremes of "simplification", regardless of the common sense of shoes. The structure that removes the heel (heel) parts that makes it difficult to maintain the appropriate posture, removes the cumbersome shoe lace, and removes the shoe upper is the structure of the heel counter, which is closer to the shape of the foot. It realizes comfort that sticks to your feet.

Foot shape design
Design to wear leather shoes comfortably while keeping the shape of the natural foot

Single leather
A simple structure made of one leather

Slip -on option
Since the heel counter is eliminated, it is possible to wear it while crushing the heel.

High -grade domestic wool material
Like the stride "Addict", the inner liner adopts a domestic wool material (FLANNE LANA) used in the suit. The upper is a soft high -grade cowhide

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