Static W's All Elevation Short Sleeve


All Elevation, which means "all altitude"
In other words, a versatile base layer that can be worn in any scene.

If you put on a windshell, it will increase the heat retention, so it is an item that can be used as an inner or a single unit.

For layers that touch the skin, such as T -shirts and base layers, we recommend natural materials without using oil as much as possible. Wool is an excellent one that keeps warmth in winter and releases heat in summer. It is functional because it combines not only heat retention, but also adjustment, antibacterial, softness, etc. Wool is the best in terms of biodegradable environment, but when choosing materials, I am particularly aware of the following two points.
(1) I want to use RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) authentication wool as natural blessings made under severe ethics on the management of sheep and ranch, such as animal welfare.
(2) Choose a wool fabric with a structure that can be worn more comfortably even in spring and summer when you have a lot of sweating.
As a result, selected a melino wool that has obtained RWS certification and a polypropylene blend of polypropylene, which has obtained RWS certification from many wool options. Furthermore, a fabric with an uneven structure has been adopted to increase breathability for outdoor use.

Currently, polypropylene is distributed only from petroleum -derived, but it is developing a plant -derived one at a fiber manufacturer and develops when it is available.

-The concave part is thinly breathable, and even during action, heat and airflow are likely to occur, and it is difficult to keep up with heat than necessary.
-The convex part becomes a fabric thickness, in contact with the skin, sucks up sweat, and ensures heat retention before and after action and breaks.
-Enawn -drying by mixing polypropylene with awareness of outdoor use

 Material: Merino wool 60 %, polypropylene 40 %
Fit: Relax
 Weight: 110 g (M size)
 Wool native country: Australia/New Zealand
Country of origin of fabric: Thailand
Product Manufacturing: Japan


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