Patagonia Patagonia Men's Capilene Cool Daily Graphic Shirt


This technical top, which can be used most in Patagonia products from trails to the waterside, is designed to keep the body comfortable when exercising intensely when exercising intensely in a wide range of cools to heat to hot heat. Using a polyester material containing 50 to 100 % recycled components, it has been high -pure and deodorant. Adopt the sewing of Fair Trade Thirty Faid

  • Set -in -type sleeves

    A set -in sleeve that improves the ease of movement and fit

  • Soft and lightweight elastic material

    Materials with quick -drying and elasticity that enhance the comfort during activities inside and outside the water

  • Homembership and deodorant processing

    Hycy pure and deodorant processed with midori biofu software that enhances moisture absorption radiability and flexibility.

  • Design to reduce skin rubbing

    Minimize seams and reduce friction

  • Supporting factory employees that manufacture this product

    Adopt the sewing of a fair trade theaterfide that pays premium wages to factory employees

  • country of origin

    Sri Lankan

  • weight

    128 g (4.5 OZ)

Width 47 50 53 58 62 66 74
Positive length 64 67 70 72 75 77 80
Sleeve length 44 46 47 49 50 51 54
Finish dimension (flat/cm)
* It may be slightly different from the dimensions of the actual product.
* Sizes that are not sold in Japan may be posted.
Wearing size: 169cm57kg S size

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