Papersky Papersky Cave Easy Shorts


Half pants with CAVE yarn

These typewriters are made of cotton-touch polyester CAVE yarn (quick-absorbing and quick-drying). The irregular cross-section of CAVE yarn expands the surface area of the yarn, quickly absorbing and diffusing water. It is a functional material that dries quickly after washing and drying in a dehydrator.


These are simple easy shorts. Elastic waistband and spindles for comfort. Slits on both sides allow for smooth leg movement. These are daily wear that can be worn on holidays without hiking or biking, and can be worn relaxed. It is a pocketable piece that can be made smaller by inserting the main body into the right hip pocket with a flap, making it convenient for travel.

About PAPERSKY: ....

PAPERSKY is a travel and lifestyle magazine launched in 2002.
Based on the concept of an "in-flight magazine read on the ground," PAPERSKY is a travel magazine that introduces stories born from nature, culture, and daily life around the world from a slightly different perspective.

PAPERSKY WEAR is a product line of clean, everyday clothing that is not too high-spec and was created from a traveler's perspective.

Lightweight, compact, simple and inspirational.
Travel and daily wear born from a traveler's perspective, with a sense of freedom and balance, and respect for all nature and culture.
PAPERSKY WEAR is a brand that combines a sense of living on the earth with the pursuit of quality materials and functionality.


Material:100% polyester




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