Paago Works's Rush Light is a waist belt that converts headlights to waistlite.

Developed for Milestone's Westlight "TrailMaster + Rush Light" released in the spring of 2020. However, it is a place where PAAGO WORKS is able to handle not only the same product but also all headlights.

Not only Milestone lights, but also famous brand lights such as PETZL and Black Diamond can be installed. Even if the waistlite on the market is about 15,000 yen and it is difficult to get out, you can use your headlights as the waistlite with the appearance of this rushlight. For those who want to use more comfortably, the important thing in waistlite is the diffusion light. There are headlights that are good at wide beams and lights that are good at spotlights, but here is definitely a Wide Beam light.

If you want a battery for a long time, we recommend a model for the waistlite from the beginning, but if it is not decided, it is recommended to use a light bulb in the Milestone MS-H2 in the image. Of course, since it is a waistlite, I think that the white color of MS-H1 has a good high output. The advantage of the waistlite is that it is irradiated from a lower position than the headlights, so trails tend to have unevenness on the road surface, and the neck is not bent and the posture can be kept high.

I'm glad that it looks smart on the road. The disadvantage is that the lights move a little later than the headlights due to the trail, so it is recommended to use it with the headlights when you want to immediately go in the direction of travel.

Features 1: Product design that can handle all headlights

Features 2: Large -capacity pocket with all the front pockets connected to one

Features 3: Design that does not shake with non -stretchy and elastic hybrid belts

* Light blur when landing, such as going down the stairs, is not a product problem.

Price: 4400 yen (tax included)
Weight: 75g
Size: 450x100mm
Waist size 57cm to 100cm
Main material: Stretch mesh
Color: Midnight


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