OS1ST OS Fast TA6 Sink Air Calf Sleeve


What is OS1ST?

Among the many supporters, it is a supporter used to suppress movement so that it does not overload the recurrence instead of the acute phase. Unlike fixed orthotics that are firmly fixed during the acute phase, it is hard to get stuffy, easy to move, and convenient to carry. It is a brand that is classified as a supporter category called NEXT TO SKIN and boasts the No.1.

TA6 isA revolutionary product specially designed for comfort, fit, protection, and breathability.
The Thin Skin structure maximizes the flow of air,
By realizing a feeling of cooling of the legs, stamina and endurance are enhanced.It can be used for many purposes such as blood circulation promotion, syntlin, recovery, calf convulsions, muscle support, Achilles tendonitis, and overheating.

sizePlease check the notation in the image.
Last but not least, if you feel that the pressure is too strong, avoid long use and remove it moderately. In addition, we recommend that you remove it when you go to bed. Please use the recommended timing as a recovery after returning home to before going to bed, and after running.


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