OS1ST OS Fast FS3 Forfoot Foot Compression


What is OS1ST?

Among the many supporters, it is a supporter used to suppress movement so that it does not overload the recurrence instead of the acute phase. Unlike fixed orthotics that are firmly fixed during the acute phase, it is hard to get stuffy, easy to move, and convenient to carry. It is a brand that is classified as a supporter category called NEXT TO SKIN and boasts the No.1.

The FS3 is soft and lightweight as a toe to the toe, which helps to improve the swelling of the forefoot and toes of the toes after surgery and protect the toes and nails.The upper part has a silicon non -slip, so it has a structure that is hard to deviate even if it moves to some extent.

There is a notation in the image for the size.
* Please note that there is no sale on the left and right pairs.


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