New-HALE Emergency Tape


For common problems in the mountains

This tape is designed to deal with sprains and strains of the ankle, knee, calf, Achilles tendon, and wrist that are common in the field, such as mountain climbing and trail running, and comes with instructions for easy use without scissors.

Quantity: 3 sheets
Material: New Hare SK White (97% cotton, 3% polyurethane)
Paste material: Acrylic resin
Peeling paper: Paper

LYCRA® is used for the elastic yarn.
New-HALE® uses LYCRA® fiber, a polyurethane elastic fiber.
By covering the LYCRA® fiber used for the core with cotton, New-HALE® produces high elasticity, elasticity recovery, and retention, while the part in contact with the skin has the soft texture of cotton. The full performance of this superior material is utilized to achieve excellent stretch performance and skin-friendliness in accordance with the movement of skin and muscles.

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