MOUNTAIN KING Mountain King Trail Blaze


Simple and reasonably strong model made of aluminum alloy

Lightweight folding aluminum poles, 4-fold*100, 105 only 3-fold (Gray: 100, 105, 110, 115 3-fold) for small storage and easy assembly. Comes with rubber cap, trekking basket, and mesh storage case. 2-pole set.

-How to choose your size
Choose a length that is 60-65% of your height.

-How to assemble
Hold the cord connected to the mushroom top at the top of the grip, slide the sections of the pole to the bottom, and place the mushroom top over the top to ensure that the connections of each section overlap.

Pull out the mushroom top, pull the knot lock up through the groove at the top of the grip, and disconnect each section in turn. Fold along the cord and secure with the Velcro under the grip.

What is Mountain King?
Mountain King is a trekking pole manufacturer with its headquarters and factory in Newcastle, an industrial city in the northeast of England.
They produce poles for basic pole walking, high-end ultramarathon and mountaineering, and mountain endurance racing. The company's factory is built by expert designers and skilled technicians who take pride in quality and passion for their products, using the finest materials and components.


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