milestone milestone MSRP-001 Nutty long


Long pants of the standard running shorts "Natty Shorts 5_inch

Dry polyester with stretch water repellency and quick-drying properties is used. Soft touch like nylon, excellent form stability, and especially good skin release.

The new front pocket is in addition to the rear pocket, which can hold a large amount of items such as cell phones, wallets, gels, windshells, etc. and does not feel shaky. The new "Nattie Long" pants are a special pant that can be worn "naturally" anyway, not only for trail running, but also for hiking and daily use.

*The logo color of the production version will be charcoal, which blends in with the body fabric, instead of silver.

Natty = "beautiful, stylish" in English and "natural" in Jamaican slang. (*Taken from Bob Marley's famous album "Natty Dread").


Weight: XS 170g, S 180g, M 190g, L 200g
Please note that these are approximate weights and that there may be individual differences.
Material:100% polyester / Polyester
size details

Waist / waist 59 63 67 72
hip 97 100 103 106
total length 92 95.5 99 101.5
rise 25.0 25.5 26.0 26.5
inseam 68 71 74 76
width 27 28 29 30
hem width 14.0 14.5 15.0 15.5

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