Milestone Mile Stone Headlamp MS-G2 (rechargeable battery, 400 lumen)


The brightness and performance of the popular "MS-G1", which are ultra-lightweight, both a higher-grade multi-function model.

・ Astonishing brightness 400 lumen
・ Ensuring the visibility of the feet with super -wide irradiation specifications
・ Ultra -lightweight model (only 28g)
・ Built -in lithium battery 600mAh

1) Brightness adjustment
2) Lighting pattern memory
Mix, white, light bulb color, red, red flashing
3) Lock function
4) Battery remaining indicator
5) Instant -off switch function

Accessories / MS-G2 dedicated clips
・ USB charging cable

This video is a brief explanation of the operation, so if you are considering purchasing, please take a look.


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