LOKSAK OPSAK (Rock Sack Opy Sack M size 2 sheets)


Loksak (rock sack) known as an outdoor waterproof case
Oppsak (Opsak), a deodorant and waterproof case that completely confronts the smell of the contents, can be said to be an item that eliminates all inconveniences in outdoorfield.

The specifications are as follows

Strong double zipper that does not leak the liquid to confine the smell
Very durable, hard -to -tear and stretchy deodorant case
・ The smell of the contents is completely confined and does not leak out.
・ Ideal for transporting food!
・ You can put freeze -dried foods in OP Zack and return it with boiling water.
・ It is airtight and protects it from dust, mud and sand.
・ As it is worn, used tissue and diaper container
・ Because it is made of very durable material, it can be used repeatedly!
・ BPA Free, Approved the American Food Medical Bureau (FDA) and the American National Science Foundation (NSF)
・ SSI (Scoupe Schools International) official 60m/200 feet waterproof

Size (inner dimensions): 49.3cm x 30.4cm
* If the shoes are not too large, it is a size that can store 2 pairs next to it.

The manager of the store manager

If you've ever felt unpleasant odors from shoes, socks, T -shirts, etc. in plastic bags, such as trekking and trail running, or on the car of the car on the way back from the outdoor field, you'll probably not have a lot of odors from shoes, socks, T -shirts, etc. Uh? Originally, it is a case to keep the odor of food, etc. in order not to be attacked by animals, but there are many things that want to keep the odor in the outdoors (including the flavor of food).

At a store in Tokyo, on the way home from Takao Mt. Takao, I was worried about the odor of the shoes. If you get an OPSAK that traps the leaked water and odor in plastic bags, you can store and carry what you care about in your favorite bags. Please try.
Of course, it is perfect for transporting and cooking foods.

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