KATADYN Catadine Befrey 0.6L


A compact portable water purifier that instantly turns the river or lake water into a safe drinking water

It has the performance of removing 99.9%of microorganisms contained in water and 99.9999%of bacteria.
The body is only 59g and is recommended for fast packing, trail running, and overseas travel that is uneasy about water.
After use, it can be stored for a long period of time by drying and stored.
How about a Befree bottle that can be used repeatedly while cleaning is a disaster prevention item at home.

◎ High -speed water purification function holofiber filter
0.1 Macron -shaped holofiber membranes are removed from 99.9%of microorganisms and bacteria that are contained in water to make safe drinking water.
・ Purification ability: Approximately 1000L (1,700 times)
◎ Super lightweight
It is only 59g lightweight and can be stored compactly, so it is ideal for mountain climbing, trekking, and traveling abroad. By all means for one item of the disaster prevention set
◎ Shake and easy care
There is no back flash, putting clean water in the bottle body, covering the lid and shaking the bottle several times to remove garbage and harmful substances.
◎ Rinse and easy care
Another care method is that the filter is washed off with a relatively clean river water, etc., and the filter is washed, and the bacteria are removed at a quick water purification speed.
◎ 100% BPA Free, Hydra Pack®
Screening transparent container
◎ Please do not wash the filter right beside it with strong water coming out of the tap. The holofiber membrane may be damaged.

・ Size / 8 × 6.5 × 27.5㎝
・ Weight/ 59 g
・ Bottle capacity/ 0.6L

Filter/20.1 Micron EZ-Clean Membrane (TM)
● Purification ability: Approximately 1000L (depending on the water quality.)
● Bottle material: TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) hydra pack soft flask uses


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