injinji injinji Trail Midweight Crew Women's


The Trail Series socks are ideal for running on a variety of unpredictable paths as well as flat trails such as trail running. It is recommended for trail running and adventure racing, as well as regular running, walking, biking, and track and field. The Trail Series features a double cuff (double-folded footwear opening) and mesh top lock (densely woven mesh panel) to block the entry of fine sand, dust, and gravel. In addition, the pile weave on the soles provides cushioning and protection for the feet.

The five-finger design prevents shoe chafing and blisters, while providing good ventilation to help keep your body in balance.
The double cuff is made of Lycra, which provides excellent compression and prevents shifting.
The back of the foot is made of mesh for excellent breathability.
Heel and toe are reinforced with Coolmax Xtra Life for durability.
Arch support for less fatigue.

Size: XS/S: 21.5cm-25cm

Material: 39% polyester (Coolmax), 58% nylon, 3% polyurethane (Lycra)


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