Hydrapak Stow Bottle 500ml

portable pocket size hydration
Hydrapak's portable pocket-sized hydration. This water bottle is extremely lightweight, durable, and has a minimalist design that makes it easy to pack. Spill-proof nozzle prevents spills and makes it easy to drink while on the move.
The cap diameter is 28mm, which is used by many water purifier manufacturers and is highly versatile. It comes with a handle, making it convenient to carry and when filling with water. You can also use this handle to store it very compactly after use.
Starting in 2021, it comes with a flip-top cap to keep the drinking spout clean. The 1L has a partition on the inside that prevents it from expanding too much even when filled with water, making it easy to hold.

A very durable water bottle with a minimalist design. Once you've finished drinking and it's empty, you can fold it up and take it home.

◆Flip top cap
It comes with a cap that can be easily opened and closed to keep the drinking spout clean and protected.

◆Highly compatible cap
The 28mm diameter is used by many water purifier manufacturers and is highly versatile.

◆Easy to carry
Comes with a soft, durable and lightweight handle for easy carrying. It is also convenient when adding water.

Hydrapak Stow 500ml, a new staple for summer running.I think there are many runners who are thinking about how to optimize their ``hydration'' to carry in the summer.

One of the best combinations is shorts with a slightly wider waist belt, such as the NAKED RUNNING BAND, or shorts with large pockets, such as Teton Bros.'s scrambling shorts (for scrambling shorts, reduce the amount of water you put in). I was looking for a bottle that could be put in a container (maybe it would be better to use a water bottle) and that wouldn't leak water. With regular soft flasks, the suction part gets compressed and water leaks out.There are also caps that lock, but they don't sell just the caps.It's surprising how many people have such specific concerns. There are, right? Freeze a wide, flat 500ml STOW and keep it in your pocket. HydraPak's STAW, which cools your lower back from the start and allows you to drink while it melts, has excellent durability and abrasion resistance, and uses a unique technology that sets it apart from OEM bottles made by other manufacturers. It is made of.

The bottle was frozen at the start on a morning in early June at around 23 degrees Celsius, but half of it melted after about 30 minutes of running, and all of it melted in about 45 minutes. It's perfect for rehydrating after just an hour of running, it doesn't shake at all due to its weight, and it's quite easy to take out with the included handle. When the water runs out, you can use the handle to roll it up into a compact size for storage. Recommended for those who want to run in a minimal style, as it can fit into Teton Bros. scrambling shorts by reducing the amount of water a little.✨When drinking, you press the bottle rather than ``suck'' it.

Capacity: 500ml
Heat resistant temperature: 60℃ (Can also be frozen; be careful not to overfill as it will expand)
Weight: 45g
Size: 17.5cm x 10.2cm
Cap size: 28mm
Material: Ultra Durable TPU/PP/High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

From 2021, it comes with a "flip-top cap" to keep the drinking spout clean.His spill-proof nozzle prevents spills and makes it easy to drink even during activities.


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