Hydrapak Seeker 3L

Ultralight water storage
The Seeker is HydraPak's ultra-lightweight and durable water storage bag. Newly renewed from the 2020 model! A durable pouring handle has been added to the side. The two side lash points are still intact like last year's model. It is now easy to use for multiple purposes, such as hanging it in a water hole or attaching it to a backpack. It folds up very compactly and can be frozen, so you can use it as an ice pack if you put it in the cooler! It's also great for camping scenes. Also, the cap has a loop so you won't lose it. The 42mm cap diameter is compatible with various commercially available water purifiers, making it ideal for long-term use. It can also be used as hydration by using the Seeker Hydration Kit (A177) sold separately. It can also be used as a water jug ​​using the PLUG-N-PLAY cap kit (A172). Comes with a nylon storage case.

◆ Carrying handle for easy pouring
A minimalist design that won't get in the way even in your backpack.

◆Cap with loop
42mm diameter leak-proof screw cap with durable loop to prevent loss.

◆Highly compatible cap
The 42mm diameter is used by many water purifier manufacturers and is highly versatile.

It can be folded compactly, making it easy to take home.
Size: 320×130mm
Cap size: 42mm
Capacity: 3L
Weight: 92g
Spout/Cap: Screw cap
Material: Ultra Durable TPU/PP Storage Bag/Nylon

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