GRANGERS ACTIVE WASH 750ml (Grungers Active Wash)

GRANGERS ACTIVE WASH feature ・ Sportwear / outdoor wear detergent ・ Strong cleaning stubborn sweat and odor ・ Restores sweat -absorbing and quick -drying properties of clothing ・ Can be used for polyester, cotton, melino wool, etc. * Not available for water -repellent wear to reduce water repellency. ・ No bleach, fluorescence white agent, softener ・ It is not affected by the water quality of hard and soft water and does not damage the material. amount to use Use 1 cup (30ml) for 30L of water What is "Grangeers" ... A brand born in 1937 as a maintenance supplies for military tents in the UK. We are conducting research for the best water repellency and pursuing the best performance. In addition, the environment -friendly product has been highly evaluated in the world, including the effort into environmentally friendly product development, and acquiring the most severe Blue Sign®️ in the environmental planning of textile products. 。

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