Firedragon Mini Cooker (Fire Dragon Mini Cooker)


It is a stove that can store two Firedragon fuel inside.

The Gotoku part can be bent, so it can be used according to the size and shape of Kochel.

Not only mountains and camping, but also stockpiling at home.

[Size] 70x40x50mm
[Weight] 40g
[Material] Made of aluminum
[Country of manufacture] Wales (UK)

* No solid fuel is included. (You can also purchase at our online shop)
The fuel may melt depending on the size of the cooker, so it is recommended that you use it together with Firedragon products.

The fuel of Firedragon is a solid -shaped ethanol derived from planted grains and vegetables, and there is no smoke or odor, and fuel gas has low toxic, so you can use it with confidence.

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