FCTR WARM GEL 50ml (Factor Warm Gel)


FCTR is a global ingredient, and is a type of gel that is applied to CBD (Cannabiiar) skin, which has a rapid expansion of the market in Japan.

THC -free CBD is said to have anti -inflammatory, nervous protection, and vascular relaxation, and is a useful component for athletes that overuse the body.

・ Design bottle that is easy to use with one hand
・ Materials that are not sticky
・ Efficient because it absorbs from the skin
・ Anti -doping

Grapefruit scent

It will be a hot product for self -care, such as the use of top athletes, such as baseball players and job offer judo players.

[Ingredients] Water, glycerin, PEG-20 Sorbitan coco anate, ethanol, polytrybate 20, propange, BG, BG, 1,2 hexangle, cannabisur, 2K, alandoin, siyo-noki seeds extract, arnica flower extract, hamame lithes Leaf extract, Seiyoukizuta leaf/stem extract, Seiyou outriling flower/leaf/stem extract, grape leaf exits, menthol, mento propanise, carbomer, water oxide, phenoxyotanol, fenoxyetanol, foga hacka flower/leaf/stem oil, Blue 1

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