Evernew Evanew U.L. Alu.pan 14cm

An intermediate size between a cooker and a frying pan
By using a thin and hard aluminum material called DURA-Lite, the popular series that realizes the lightness approaching the titanium while keeping the heat conductivity as it is.
The cooking surface combines Titanium plasma coating, excellent durability, burning prevention performance and safety for living organisms.

* Because of the light weight, it uses a very thin aluminum material, so the heat transmission to the cooking surface is quick.
If you are in an empty condition that only one sausage is baked, it will be burnt and the damage to the coating will be larger.
* Please be careful about firepower because the heat that is weaker than the previous frying pan can convey the heat sufficiently.
When boiling and boiling, the hot water is surprisingly fast even with medium to high heat.

Size: Diameter 140 x depth 50mm

Capacity: 600ml
Mass: 117g
Material: Aluminum (titanium plasma processing)
Country of origin: Korea

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