Drymax Triachlete Triathlete

Triathlete Triathlon model suitable for running and cycling It is not recommended not to wear socks to save only a few seconds during triathlon racing. If you wear shoes with water -containing feet during swimming, you will easily induce blisters and abrasions. This "triathlete" uses a "blister guard system" that uses a frictional material -resistant material for the entire heel and the entire toe to suppress the occurrence of blisters. In addition, a long tab before and after the ankle allows you to take off the socks quickly, minimize friction with the shoes. 【size】 S: 22-24 cm M: 24.5-26.5 cm L: 27-28.5 cm The size is the actual size base of the foot. If you choose something smaller than the size of the shoes, you will be closer to the just size.

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