Drymax Maximum Protection Trail Run 1/4 Crew (Drymax Maximum Protection)


Beans that can be made on your feet. It has been thought that it is inevitable for long -distance runners such as Ultra Marathon. In the past, we have been treated with petrolatum, powder, protective tape, etc., which was effective for short running. However, during long distances, Vaseline and powder flow down with sweat and thread, and they may not be drained on protective tape and have heat. As a result, the socks are overflowing with moisture, and the moisture increases friction (stickiness) between socks and skin, and the higher the friction, the higher the risk of inducing beans. Maximum Protection Trail Run is a lineup of socks that combines much higher protection performance and comfort than other series to eliminate such obstacles and enjoy running for a long time. It is ideal for running in winter because it uses more harsh situations, long -chick races and thick materials.



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