Black Diamond

Black Diamond Distance 15


A backpack that incorporates scrumbling, climbing, and mountain climbing ease of use while incorporating the running pack format.


・ Lipstop of ultra -high molecular weight PE yarn with 10 times stronger torn strength per weight PE thread+210d Nylon body
・ Top flap+slash pocket that can open and close quickly like Blitz
・ Shoulder strap using lightweight and supple stitchless edge taping technology
・ Reflective code for compression on the side
・ Equipped with a metal dog bone that ensures that the dual ice stool carry is to secure the pick.
・ Dual Z pole sleeve that can firmly fix the Z pole while running
・ BD DRY Vapor Barrier Back Panel: A function to prevent the back of the back while preventing the internal water from the sweat on the back/support for running and climbing in the 4 seasons
・ Chest zipper pocket × 2: 4 Way stretment, locking zippers
・ Front Stretch pocket x 2: Pocket with elastic closure that stores energy bars and soft flasks (sold separately)
・ Deeproy pocket that supports the pocket of Dipley Windshell (sold separately / new products)
・ Equipped with a stretch mesh deminarian inside to store slings and hydration.
・ Inside zipper pocket that can store accessories such as wallets and keys

15L capacity
Material UHMW polyethylene 100d nylon, 4mm lipstop
Weight 394g (m)

* The front pocket has been changed to a stretch pocket (please check the detailed image and drawing)


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