Buff Fastwick Headband (Buff Fast Wick Headband)

Multi headwear with excellent functionality and fashion. The Fastwick Headband series that has the function of drying sweat quickly. Size: 24x7.P (7.P width) Weight: 12g Material: Polyester knit material (94%of RecycleD POLYESTER, 6%polyurethane) Country of origin: Spain RecycleD Polyester Only the recycled PET bottle, Repreve? Approved polyester microfiber is used. Ultralight Very light and convenient for mobile phones. 4 Way Stretch Excellent elasticity in all directions, high fit and very comfortable. Dries Quickly Eliminate sweat and moisture to evaporate moisture effectively and quickly. Moisture Management Controls body temperature by draining sweat and humidity. Silver (Antivacterial Growth) Silver ions have been antibacterial at night. Reflective Elements Reflect the light of the approaching car and have the effect of glowing white. About buff? Buff is a multi -headware with excellent functionality and fashion, and an outdoor brand from Spain, which is used in 60 countries around the world. Buff? In 1992, it started in Iguarada about 60 km northwest of Barcelona, ​​Spain. Buff? JOAN ROJAS, a buffing founder who was participating in the auto -bai race, was the starting point of Buff? At the beginning, I went to sports enthusiasts, especially outdoor fans and ski instructors. After that, it was sold as a multifunctional headwear, and has expanded overseas in 1995. Currently, it has grown into a brand that is located in more than 20,000 stores in 70 countries around the world.

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