Black Diamond

Black Diamond Black Diamond Women's Distance Carbon Z


The lightest women's model for the Z Paul, which omits the length adjustment mechanism and thoroughly pursued lightness

The 2022 model makes the pole diameter thinner to improve lightness and storage. Aluminum is made of aluminum around the snap button that is easy to break. In addition, it has been improved to the details, such as snap buttons, straps, and grips, and the feeling of use has been sophisticated.

⚠️ warning⚠️
This product is exclusively for climbing, trekking and hiking. Carbon fiber has a limit to strength. Very strong power or if you get a strong shock, it may be damaged. Check before use and understand the limits of the product. If you do not follow this warning, you may be dead or seriously injured.

・ 100%carbon fiber shaft
・ Fick slings model
・ Lightweight 140g (120cm, 1/2 pair)
・ EVA form grip and grip extension with excellent breathability and moisture absorption
・ Strap made of recycling material that can fine -tune the fit
・ Improves joint rigidity and improves durability
・ Snap button that is easier to press
・ Comes with carbide tip and rubber tip
・ Basket that can be replaced by lightweight compact

100cm = 262g (1 pair)
105cm = 268g (1 pair)
110cm = 276g (1 pair)
115cm = 284g (1 pair)
120cm = 292g (1 pair)

100 (33) cm
105 (35) cm
110 (37) cm
115 (38) cm
120 (40) cm
() Inside is when stored


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