Black Diamond

Black Diamond Black Diamond Trail Glove


Half finger glove perfect for hiking and trail running

If you use the tab at the base of the wrist and finger, it will be smooth.

・ 4 -waitt -touch fabric with high breathability on the instep
・ Punching holes that enhance breathability for highly durable synthetic fabrics of palm
・ Tab for detachment at the base of the wrist and finger

Temperature range: N/A
Weight: 31g (1 pair)
size: XS = 18.4 ~ 19.7cm S = 19.7-21cm M = 21.5-23cm L = 23-24cm XL = 24-25.4cm

[Measurement method]
Measure the length around the back of the dominant hand, or the length from the base of the palm to the middle finger tip, and select one of the largest numbers. * The fit may differ even in the same size depending on the model.


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