Altra Altra Tump 4 Men's


THE Evolution of Trail

TIMP, a perfect road to trail shoes, is a full model change

Trail cruiser with high cushioning properties With the perfect road toe trail shoes, TIMP, you can enjoy paved and trails without any problems. Torin5 and paradigm6 midsole on cushions"Altra EGO ™ Max Midsole"While maintaining a cushioning running comfort, it realizes a light and luxurious comfort. Although the stack height is a 30mm "high cushion model", it realizes ultra -light and light foot handling.

 Outsole for enjoying load & trails Demonstrate the maximum grip and maximum tractionMaxtracThe outsole adopts the same as the previous work, but the rugs are independent so that the power of kicking out step by step can easily convey, and it brings a sense of stability to your run even in a hard trail environment. Because of the increased durability outsole, it can run like a normal running shoe on the road surface, and on the trail road, it sticks to the bad road. ComfyThe engineering mesh upper has excellent breathability and durability, and has a level of comfort that you will want to thank your feet after many miles and long hard road runs.

◆ Update point
1. Improved the structure of the seam to achieve a more soft and luxurious fit.
2. Altra EGO Max Midsole with mesh overlay.
3. Maxtrac of independent outsole.

The size worn by the staffas,If you have the current Altra, we recommend that you raise the shoe size US0.5 and choose the size.(Those who have US8.0 → US8.5)
If you have Timp2or3, you don't have to change it.

・ Weight 308g
・ Stack height 30mm
・ Midsole: Altra EGO MAX
・ Outsole: MAXTRAC


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