ALTRA RIVERA 2 Womens (Alta Rivera 2 women)

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Open Mind. Open Road.
Road shoes that realize light running like unraveling your heart

"RIVERA", which has been newly introduced as a new road model of the previous ALTRAUpdated.
Shoes that can be used for a wide range of applications with both long run and daily training using stitches using premium materials and Altra EGO midsole. The breathable mesh upper has a heel reflection and embroidery details.

The combination of ALTRA's unique EGO (Igogi) midsole with moderate reactivity and engineering mesh upper that realizes lightweight and comfortable comfort is not selected from training to long runs once a week.

"Bio heel" is used for the shape of the heel part. The unique shape designed to imitate the natural shape of the heel of the person creates a natural heel fit. As with the previous work, the first thing you can wear as a feeling of wearing the staff is that it is hard to feel stress even if you wear moderate upper elasticity gently wrap your feet and wear it for a long time, despite the "high fit feeling".

The stack height is not changed to 26mm, and the locker shape is set in front (from the heel), making it easier to rotate the feet naturally.

The steps you step on into propulsion and are good at maintaining cadence, so your feet will turn lightly.

Of course, please try the Rivera 2, a road shoe that realizes a light running while utilizing the features of Altra's unique "FOOTSHAPE" & "Balanced CUSHION".

・ Weight 197g
・ Stack height 26mm

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