Altra Altra Provision 6 Women's


Innovative shoes that support the next step

Provision6 is used for Escalante, etc.Equipped with a midsole that combines Altra EGO and Inner Flex, provides soft and responding comfort.
It also has a revolutionary function called Innovarch, a running support system. The characteristic of Innovarch is that it uses a propriet lunch system, which is the ability to know where the feet and body parts are in the space, even if you do not use vision, and the runner's brain and legs are connected, and one step. It will support you one step to land. Therefore, it helps a smooth and comfortable step without limiting the natural movement of the feet.

Provision6Four characteristics

1.Innovarch:When you close the shoelace, it will be rolled up,Support system installed under the arch
2.Guiderail: The minimum support system that requires the heel bones from falling inward to fall inward
3. Cushioning and stability are high, so it is hard to get tired even if you wear it for a long time.
4. It is also friendly to people with subset fasciitis


Upper: Breathable engineering mesh
Outsole: FootPod ™ technology

Midsole:Altra ego ™, InnerFlex ™
Stack height: 28mm
Weight: 235g (Women's 25.5cm)


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