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ALTRA Trail shoe category A new model appears
Has moderate cushioningOutroad, which is a road to trail shoes, allows you to enjoy paved and trails without any problems. Similar to Lone Peak and ESCLANTE in the midsole"Altra EGO ™ Midsole"Adopts, urethane -based materials are hard to get rid of, and you can get a little rebound.

The maxtrac outsole is easy to convey and the power of kicking out step by step. The outsole shape can be run like ordinary running shoes on the road surface that is placed in many directions, and on the trail road, it sticks to the bad road.

About size
Compared to other models, it feels a little slim, so it is recommended that you increase the size by one with a wide or wide range.

Regarding the actual comfort, the feeling of bouncing back when landing on the entire soles was very good.
It seems to be active in all -rounds, such as running nearby green spaces or when you want to speed up on the forest road.

ALTRA Trail Road New Model [OUTROAD] Review

・ Weight: 289 g (MENS US10.5 / 28.5cm)
・ Midsole: Altra EGO ™
・ Outsole: MAXTRAC ™
・ Cushion: Moderate
・ Stack height: 27 mm
・ FootShape: Slim


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