Altra Altra Olympus 4 Men's


ALTRA's proud high -spec trail shoes "OLYMPUS" are a full model change

Altra's Olympus shoes are known as a model that reduces the burden on the body even for long and long distances with overwhelming cushioning performance, a hiker who can walk long trails, a mountain runner that runs over 100 km. Of course, it is a model that is familiar to hikers who want to walk easily.

In addition, by using Vibram's mega grip, the outsole weight and the depth of the lag can be reduced, and it can be used comfortably even on flat ground. The cushion that is hard to sink even if you carry heavy luggage and the sense of security of mega -grip that you can stop at any time without sliding is highly evaluated by the mountain guide who plays an active part in Oze.
The inner flex structure that has been adopted from the past has a more flexible shoe reacting on an unstable road surface, ensuring high stability, and a strong traction in the outsole pattern, making it a gungun and a forward -proof propulsion. It will make you move.

This update has greatly improved the breathability of the upper, making it more comfortable under high temperature conditions, and updating the cushioning and material of the shoe tongue, reducing the stress when worn for a long time. That is a big deal. In addition, the outsole pattern has been changed and grips from any direction.

Weight: 336g (27.5cm actual measurement)
Stack height: 33mm
Upper: Engineered mesh
Midsole: EVA Inner Flex


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